Job Safety Analysis

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A Job Safety Analysis is a safety tool. It helps people to logically examine a particular job or task so that all the hazards associated
with that particular job can be identified and assessed and when necessary, suitable control measures can be determined.
The aim of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is to document how a particular job should be done safely.
Subjects covered in the program include:
*          How a JSA is performed
*          How to break down a job into basic steps
*          Hazard Identification
*          Hazard Assessment
*          Hazard Control.
The program also contains a practical example of how a JSA is conducted.
There are a number of different benefits that result from the process of conducting JSA’s in the workplace, which include:
*          Raising the level of general safety awareness
*          Identifying hazards that have not been previously identified or
            properly controlled
*          As a tool for use in training applications
*          As a reference tool when conducting accident investigations
*          As a basis for preparing a written Safe Work Procedure.
The JSA is one of many tools that can be used in the workplace to improve overall safety.
RUNNING TIME: 15 Minutes